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Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust Chapter 1

Title: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
Pairing: None, yet :)
Rating: PG (Probably higher rating later)
Genre: AU, Romance, Comedy
Disclaimer: FIRST FANFIC! YAYS! And, unfortunately I can’t own them, but I can still wish, can’t I?
Notes: Okay, first chapter is a GO!!! Oh my gosh this was kind of hard to write. But, FUNFUNFUNFUN! Please comment and Critique! Remember, I can’t find out where you live and beat you up. I think. Maybe if you let me know your name, age and address… ^-^
Summary: Kim Ryeowook always knew he was not normal for his age. Despite this knowledge, he had never really known how odd he really was until he had shrunk down to 6 inches. Though, that’s getting ahead of the story.

in front of the large Iron Gate blocking his way into the school. In all reality he should have been able to enter already, if it wasn’t for little detail that he was a ‘Fixie’, and therefore generally not normal. Even for a magical creature. He looked at the unpaved dirt road stretching out before him, up to the clear sky, then back to the sign hanging on the brick wall next to the gate that read:



Ryeowook sighed again. If the cheesy rhyme wasn’t bad enough the fact that no matter how hard he had tried there was no way to get in, was. He had been trying for an hour after the gates were opened for him and as soon as he had tried to go through the gate, he just bounced right back. It was like there was a force field around the ENTIRE school that rejected any ‘Kim Ryeowook’s’ desperately wanting to get in.

Ryeowook groaned in frustration and heat. The sun was sure to burn his fair skin. Why, Ryeowook was asking, did my parents not tell me about this? He was sure this was another ‘Fixie’ trait. Frowning, Ryeowook fingered the new haircut his mom had given him and remembered what his dad had said before he left.

“Ryeowook,” he had begun before Ryeowook had gotten into the taxi, “We know you want to have a new start and all, but you really shouldn’t tell your classmates what you are, exactly.” Ryeowook stared at his father in disbelief. “What? Why can’t I tell anybody?” His father had bit his lip nervously and replied, “Well, let’s just say they wouldn’t take to kindly to the Fairy/pixie mix. They don’t like half-breeds that much. It’s just better to keep a distance.”

Ryeowook nodded and put it down as a normal high school type of thing. It wasn’t like many accepted him now because of how feminine he looked, and he wasn’t the best at talking to unfamiliar people anyways. “Okay dad.” He said slumping his shoulders, “It’ll be just the same as always. I can handle that.”

It was after he said that that his mom had creepily stalked up to him, a cackling evilly with an odd glint in her eyes. “Mom,” he asked, “Why do you have scissors in your hands? Why are you coming closer to me with them? Mom, you’re scaring me…”

And that,
Ryeowook mused, shows that my mom is not full of fail. It was also how he got his new and surprisingly cute hairstyle. More importantly it hid his pointed ears.

He sat up and checked his belt for what seemed like the 30th time that day. He adjusted the leather pouch attached that was now controlling his ‘pixie dust’ problem. The pouch somehow (His dad had said by ‘magic’ but Ryeowook couldn’t bring himself to believe that) gathered the glittering dust into its contents instead of leaving a trail behind him or making his skin sparkly, as much fun as that was.

Ryeowook’s stomach grumbled. He wondered if the shimmering dust was edible, then decided that the shimmering dust was more likely to make him die earlier then assuage his hunger. He was starved after what was now-Ryeowook checked his watch again-3 hours of sitting there.

Suddenly Ryeowook heard a high-pitched grating sound coming from the gate behind him, and heard a deep voice call out, “Um. Why are you sitting in front of the welcome gate?” Ryeowook jumped in surprise and turned to see a tall heavy-set man looking at him oddly. “U-Ummm.” Ryeowook replied nervously and shifted his feet. He wasn’t used to talking with people he didn’t know. If fact, he usually passed out.

Uh oh. Don’t think about that. Don’t think about passing out; don’t think about how dizzy you are . Ryeowook silently chanted, trying not to think about the light-headed feeling he had, or the fact that he had started to rock back and forth unsteadily. “Hey, are you ok? You look a little pale?”

The man moved toward him, steadying Ryeowook when he stumbled. Ryeowook felt a cool feeling wash over him and instantly felt better. He stood up from the crouched position the man had navigated him into. “S-Sorry. T-this a-always h-happens w-wh-when I m-meet people I d-don’t know.” Ryeowook stuttered, looking shyly up into the eyes of the man, who raised an eyebrow and kept a hand on Ryeowook's arm, just in case.

“Well, you’re obviously magical if you can see me, which means you belong at this school. The question is why you are sitting outside of the gates instead of coming right in.” Ryeowook took a deep breath and tried not to stutter. “I c-can’t.” He replied weakly. “Oh?” The man looked shocked. “ Well, we do get kids who can’t get in without an invitation, but, usually the sign takes care of that by directly inviting you-“

The man cut off when Ryeowook exhaled exasperatedly and threw up his hands. “It might work on others, but it seems like it just doesn’t work on me. I’ve been trying to get in for,” Ryeowook checked his watch again, “3 and a half hours now! And I’m hungry and hot and tired and-”

Ryeowook stopped speaking as his eyes started to water. He wiped them away furiously and turned his gaze back to the ground. The man raised his eyebrows again and tried to soothe the poor boy. “Look, calm down. As long as you stay with me, you’ll be able to get in, right?”

Ryeowook looked up again and said dubiously, “And who are you, exactly?”

The man drew himself up to his full length, which was really starting to freak Ryeowook out seeing as the man was three times his height, and stated, “I am Professor Kang Ho Dang. You can call me Professor Kang. I teach Magical Creature 101 in this school, as well as being the one and only wizard nurse!”

Suddenly it clicked. “That’s why I feel better! Usually I pass out, or start stuttering really badly, and I feel nauseous when meeting new people! It must be because you used magic on me! That’s why you kept your hand on me!”

Ryeowook grabbed at Professor Kang’s arm in his excitement and started to swing it around. Professor Kang, however, looked a bit miffed that Ryeowook hadn’t been impressed by the fact that he was a professor. “Well,” he said gruffly, “I guess it’s time we get you in the school. You’re dorm advisor has probably been worried sick about you, if you are the new student I think you are.”

“Eh?” Ryeowook looked up and the professor shocked, “You know me? Do you know what dorm I’m in, because really, I haven’t got a clue! Wait, you said you already knew about me- does that mean you know what kind of creature I am?” Ryeowook was panicking at that point. If the Professor knew then it was only a matter of time until his classmates knew. His parents had specifically told him he couldn’t tell anyone.

Professor Kang backed up a bit, noticing the stressed expression on Ryeowook’s face, and keeping his hand firmly on Ryeowook’s shoulder to keep him calm, replied, “You’re in my class, of course I know you, Kim Ryeowook. You’ll find out your dorm and schedule at the front office, which I can take you too, and no, I don’t know what type of creature you are, the school doesn’t give out that information on the school registry. Usually it’s obvious, but generally only the Headmaster knows what exact creature everyone is.”

Ryeowook took a breath in relief. No matter if it was a strange request or not, he was not one to go against his parents wishes.

“Come on. Let’s get you inside and something to eat. Unless you want to stay out here for another couple hours.” Said Professor Kang and steered Ryeowook toward the intimidating gates. “I officially invite Kim Ryeowook inside the SM Academy for Fantastical Creatures.” Kang shouted, his voice booming off the brick walls.

“There, that should do it.” He said in a softer tone as the gates opened with another high-pitched wail. This time though, Ryeowook passed through them easily.

Luckily, The Professor had been nice enough to walk him to his dorm after they had visited the front office, though Ryeowook was having a bit of trouble keeping up with him. It took three of Ryeowook’s strides to match one of the professors, and although the professor had slowed down a little it was still enough to make Ryeowook tired. The professor started talking to Ryeowook once they had started to get close to a decrepit looking house. Ryeowook’s eyes swept the premises, taking in the crumbling wood and bricks, and falling shutters.

“Ok. So, this is where you’re dorm is located. Don’t worry, it just looks worse then it actually is.” Ryeowook stared at him in disbelief. The professor continued on as he walked towards the building, “It is officially called the Twilight dorm, but unofficially its occupants call it the ‘misfit’ dorm.” Ryeowook rolled his eyes. Great, he thought. I sparkle and I’m in Twilight. Just give me blood and call me Edward.

Professor Kang went on, oblivious of Ryeowook’s internal scorn, “You don’t have to worry about anyone judging you in there, which is lucky because students who transfer in the middle of the term usually get picked on more. Also, your dorm has,”

The Professor paused his monologue and scratched his head before continuing, “It think it has14 people in it. Honestly, I can’t keep track of them all, especially with Donghae and Eunhyuk making a mess of things.”

Ryeowook stopped walking when he heard the number. “F-fourteen!” He shrieked and starting to hyperventilate. “Chill kid! God, do you have a nervous disorder or something? I’m not gonna have to worry about when you start twitching am I?” Professor Kang said sarcastically before remembering that Ryeowook actually did have a nervous disorder. Hurriedly he said, “Relax, that’s why I’m here. As long as you keep a hold of me you’ll be fine.” Professor Kang quieted Ryeowook as they reached the front door to the dorm and squeezed his shoulder as a reminder.

“Oh. Right.” Ryeowook said softly, and the professor was. The office, after giving him his papers, had sent him with the Professor after they found out his fear. Ryeowook released the tension that had built up in his shoulders, and did breathing exercises while the professor was inviting him into the building. He shuffled through the door into what looked like the common room area and then stopped again.

The professor rolled his eyes and looked back at Ryeowook. “What’s wrong this time?” He exhaled. “Nothing.” Ryeowook mumbled, “It’s just that…”

Ryeowook reached up and lifted Professor Kang’s hand off his shoulder, and instead held his hand instead. Ryeowook met the professor’s confused gaze with a bashful smile, “I’m just used to this. It feels more comfortable.”

Professor looked at Ryeowook for only a couple of seconds, long enough to make Ryeowook’s smile falter, before hugging Ryeowook and squealing, “YOU ARE SO CUTE!!!”

Ryeowook blinked, unsure at the complete transformation he had seen in the ginormous man before him. “Um, thanks?” He said, escaping the hug and reattaching his hands to the Professor’s. “Alright, Let’s go upstairs to meet your knew dorm-buddies!” Kang said, swiftly shifting back to normal and leading Ryeowook up a set of wooden stairs.

“Hae! Put away the fort! Come on, I want to welcome our new dorm mate properly! Hyukkie, don’t encourage him. Guys! Cooperate with me! Minnie, get Kyu out of his room. Siwon put the bible away! HEECHUL STOP MOLESTING HANKYUNG! Henry, sit. Just. Sit.”

A frustrated voice echoed through the hallway Ryeowook was walking through, making Ryeowook stop and glance at the professor. Professor Kang seemed used to this however, and guided him in front of the door that the loud noises were coming out of.

“But Teukie, the guy hasn’t even arrived yet. We’ve been waiting for about 4 hours, for all we know he might never come.” A different voice, this time very deep, sounded through the thick wooden door Ryeowook was placed in front of.

When he heard how long his new dorm-mates were waiting for him, he blushed. Great, what a good first impression, Ryeowook thought. Then he was reminded about how many people he would be meeting, and if they were all gathered together…

Ryeowook quickly scurried behind Professor Kang, who easily hid his small form, and pushed him to the door instead. “Hey, Kid! What-“ Professor Kang started before he saw the nervous look on Ryeowook’s face. Professor Kang sighed, “Fine. I’ll knock, but I am only here for support. I won’t do all the talking.” Then he raised his arm and knocked on the door.

“Guys! That must be him. Remember, good first impression! We don’t want him to get scared off!” The frustrated voice from before now turned to an excited one.
“I don’t see why we have to impress him. He was the one who kept us waiting.” Another voice, this time haughty, replied to the first voice. “Chul, just chill.” The first voice snapped back. Then the door opened.

“Um. Professor Kang? What are you doing here?” Ryeowook peeked out from behind the Professor, and found out the frustrated voice that had been ordering people around belonged to a taller (obviously) chestnut haired teenager with glasses and a ponytail.
What really caught Ryeowook’s attention, however, was the fact that the guy had two white wings sprouting from his back. Ryeowook stared as they fluttered slightly when the man stepped back to let the professor in.

“Hello Leeteuk. I am escorting the new student here. Apparently the school’s sign doesn’t work on him, so he was waiting outside the gates for 3 hours before I could invite him in.”

Ryeowook’s attention was drawn back up to Professor Kang as he replied to the winged man, then back to the man called ‘Leeteuk’ as he gasped and covered his mouth.

“He couldn’t get in! Aww, the poor kid! He must be tired and hungry, and oh! Here we were thinking he was just being rude!” The corners of Ryeowook’s mouth twitched. Strangely, Leeteuk reminded him of his mother.

“But, where is he? I thought you said you escorted him here…” Leeteuk trailed off looking at Professor Kang quizzically. Professor Kang also looked puzzled, and gave Leeteuk an odd look as he stepped into the room. Ryeowook managed to see that it was another common room, and that it had a LOT of people occupying the various couches, before grabbing the back of Professor Kang’s shirt.

“What do you mean? Ryeowook’s right he-“ The professor paused and looked to both of his sides before twisting around to look behind at Ryeowook. “Come on Ryeowook! You can’t hide forever. Come out and say hi.” From this angle Ryeowook could see Leeteuk looking at professor like he was crazy.

Well, he mused, he probably can’t see me behind Professor Kang. Then the professor snatched Ryeowook’s hand and pulled him into the room.

Ryeowook stumbled a little but quickly straightened to look at the group gathered before him. His eyes widened, and all he could register before turning back to Professor Kang in panic was another person with long hair and wings, someone who was part horse, and a complete giant sitting on the couch directly across from him.

The professor gave him an encouraging look and pushed him to the front. “Don’t be such a baby!” The professor urged cheerfully, taking up Ryeowook’s hand again. Ryeowook gave him a sarcastic look and turned back to face the giant mass that was his dorm mates.
“Um. H-Hi.” He said softly, blushing at his stutter.

“Kang, is this a joke? He looks like he’s in elementary school.” The haughty voice from before deadpanned. It belonged to the longhaired guy with the black wings. Ryeowook quickly wondered if they would be as leathery to touch as they looked, and shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot as the rest stared.

It’s ok. You’re used to this. Toughen up little guy! That’s right, you’re a shrimp, now find some courage and deal! Ryeowook desperately tried to fight the swimming feeling in his head. He took an unsteady step back and took Professor Kang’s hand once more and immediately felt better.

“I-I’m S-sixteen.” He defended quietly, his voice barely loud enough to reach the ears of the surrounding crowd.

“He’s what?” A small, (though not smaller than Ryeowook. In fact, Ryeowook could already tell he was shorter than the shortest person here) blond, boy? In a pink shirt yelled out. “I can’t hear him!” The giant on the couch answered ‘Captain PINK’ with a loud, “He said he’s sixteen. Though honestly, he looks like he’s only 9.” This led to calls of “No way!” “He can’t be?” “Does he have a growth disorder?”

“No, he really is sixteen. He is also in Kyuhyun’s class.” Professor Kang called out to the clamor, and boys all paused and stared in disbelief. One of them, with a slightly blue tint to his skin called out, “I refuse to call him hyung. There is no possibly way someone that short could be older than me.”

“Oh, Kyuhyun, be quiet. Some of us aren’t freaks of nature who grow impossibly fast.” Leeteuk retorted, shutting what Ryeowook now considered as BLUBOY up.

“Come here, hon, and let me start introducing the insufferable mass of people who if they DON’T SHUT UP are gonna get it later.” Leeteuk motioned a hand to Ryeowook while keeping a well-trained evil eye the others.

Professor Kang nudged him forward and let go of Ryeowook’s hand. When Ryeowook looked at him he said, “Sorry kid. It’s time for me to go. Good luck.” And with a wave Professor Kang disappeared. Ryeowook gasped in shock, then took Leeteuk’s hand. As he faced the sea of people he gulped. Uh, oh.

A/N: Yes, the school is based slightly on my bias with Harry Potter. But, I had to call the dorm ‘twilight’. I mean, come on, the main character Freaking GLITTERS!!! Even if I don’t like twilight personally, it just screams CULLENS!
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